Forms of Cataracts and Treatment

As human, we are created with natural lens; this lens allows light rays into the eyes then sending clear images to the retina, helping us to see clearly. The lens must always be clear. When the protein in one’s eyes begins to break down (i.e., form clumps), it stops the lens from sending enough light to retina which in turn can’t form clear images then cataract is said to be developing. This will produce blurry, foggy images/visions.

The cataract develops slowly and it affects one’s vision as it develops. Even though both eyes are likely to develop cataracts, the cataracts won’t develop at the same time. Cataracts is found mostly among the aged.

How do Cataract Come to be?

Our lens majorly contains water and proteins. When these proteins begin to break down, they stay around the corner of the eye. The protein deposited at the corner of the eyes begin to make the lens cloudy and making seeing difficult. There are several other reasons why a person can develop cataracts. They are written below There are several underlying causes of cataracts. These include:

Having a family history of cataract.
Indulging in smoking and/or heavy alcohol drinking.
Leaving in an environment that has bad air population.
Exposing the eye to too much sunlight.
Abuse usage and inappropriate use of steroids and other medications. he long-term use of steroids and other medications
Having certain diseases like diabetes certain diseases, such as diabetes
Having an eye injury or surgery.
Radiation therapy

How to know one is having cataracts?

Once you begin to feel the following, you should know that cataract is by the corner. Some of the things you will notice is that: Common symptoms of cataracts include:

Your vision begins to become blurry.
You will be having difficulty seeing at night.
Colors begins to look faded.
You begin to see Halo around lights (glare) especially when driving at night. increased sensitivity to glare
You begin to need brighter light before you can read.
Your vision begins to double especially for the eye that is affected. double vision in the affected eye
You begin to change your glasses prescription frequently; you begin to become more near sighted.

Forms of Cataracts


There are different forms of cataracts. These different forms are classified based on how the cataracts develop and where they do develop in the eye.

The cataract that forms in the in the middle of the lens thus making the nucleus yellow or brown is called the Nuclear cataract.
The cataract that forms at the edge of the nucleus or lens is called Cortical cataracts.
The cataract that forms at the back of the lens is called the Posterior capsular cataract; it forms faster than the other types of cataract mentioned above.
Secondary cataracts: these are caused by disease or medications. The diseases that tend to form cataract in the eye are glaucoma and diabetes. Using steroids prednisone can sometimes lead to cataracts.
Traumatic cataracts: this kind of cataract develops after an injury to the eye or a surgery has been done to the eye. It might take several years before it can occur.
Radiation cataracts is formed when one undergoes radiation treatment for cancer.          

Treatment of Cataracts


Undergoing surgery is the best way of treating cataract. In case you don’t want to do surgery, you can use stronger eyeglasses, or magnifying lenses, or sunglasses that have anti-glare coating.

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